The Arab American Historical Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote research, preservation and dissemination of Arab American history and culture, enhancing and building better understanding of Americans of Arab descent.

  • Arab American Historian Magazine
    A non-political online magazine chronicling historical information and current affairs of the Arab American community
  • Arab American Almanac series
    The most comprehensive reference book on Arab Americans providing instant access to valuable data on history, Who’s Who, businesses and social/cultural organizations within the Arab American community, and Arab contributions to civilization.    
  • National Conference
    Facilitating national conferences and gala events highlighting preservation of Arab American history and educational initiatives. Establishing lectures, seminars and panel discussions regarding Arab American history and culture.
  • Documentary Series
    Producing regional documentaries on Arab Americans in the arts, business, education, medicine, science and the Arab press in the U.S.
  • Arts-in-Education Programs
    Developing arts-in-education programs that present Arab American performing artists and lecturers in a series of innovative and informative educational experiences with music, dance, poetry, theatrical arts, and film representing the traditional and contemporary Arab cultural expressions
  • Genealogy Services
    Providing a natural progression from chronicling Arab American history to tracking  familial genealogy by tracing ancestral Arab roots and documenting the contemporary lineage as Arab Americans.


Now Available!

The Arab American Almanac, 6th edition, is a 608-page comprehensive reference book about Arab Americans. It is published by The News Circle Publishing House of Glendale, California, and sponsored by the Arab American Historical Foundation.
“The purpose of this reference book is to provide accurate and practical reference sources about Arab Americans, while acknowledging its heritage and perpetuating their culture, history and society,” announced Joseph R. Haiek, publisher. It is worth noting, that the word “Almanac” is an Arabic word, meaning weather or state of condition. The Almanac includes twelve chapters: Arab American history, Arab contributions to world civilization, the Kahlil Gibran literary group, organizations, religious institutions, the press, Who’s Who among Arab Americans, profiles of the Arab world and the U.S.A., Arab American achievements and contributions, Arabic language, bibliography, tables, addresses, websites and over 500 photos. It does not include advertising, and is available in hard or soft covers.

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Joseph R. Haiek Receives Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Joseph R. Haiek, Publisher of the Arab American Affairs magazine, the Arab American Almanac series, Founder of the Arab American Historical Foundation and Arab American Press Guild was among 100 recipients awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in New York on May 7, 2011.

Each year since 1986, the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) – whose mission is to honor our diverse Past, to advocate for positive change in the Present, and to build strong leaders for the Future – has honored our nation's diverse past by sponsoring the Ellis Island Medals of Honor.  The Ellis Island Medals of Honor annually pays tribute to the ancestry groups that comprise America’s unique cultural mosaic. The Medals are presented on Ellis Island, in a dramatic ceremony, to American citizens of diverse origins for their outstanding contributions to their communities, their nation and the world.  To read entire article and see more photos

“I Believe in You”

Gibran Kahlil Gibran


Condensed from Gibran’s article published in the first edition of The Syrian World Magazine, New York, July 1926, addressing “Young Americans of Syrian Origin”... read more