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Joseph R. Haiek Publishes 6th Edition of Arab American Almanac

Joseph R. Haiek Publishes the Sixth Edition of the Arab American Almanac,
the most comprehensive reference on Arab Americans

By Ray Hanania
Originally Published in the National Arab American Times

One of the pioneers of American Arab journalism is Joseph R. Haiek, who is a member of the Arab Journalism Society in Los Angeles and also a founder of the Arab American Historical Foundation. He is publisher of the immensely popular News Circle Magazine one of the most professionally written publications in the community and founded in 1972. His most important work, however is the publication of the Arab American Almanac, a detailed compilation of Arab American achievements, leaders and achievers.
In late 2010, Haiek released the 6th Edition of the Arab American Almanac and it far exceeds the heights he has already reached from his previous five editions.
The Arab American Almanac, published by The News Circle Publishing House, offers a detailed history of every aspect of Arabs in America compiled in 608 tightly packed and informative pages. The writing is compelling and accurate, built upon more than a half century of professional writing and journalism.
The book offers a list of the most important books written about Arab and Middle East topics. It offers endless lists including one detailing the achievements of American Arabs in Hollywood and film, in government and politics, and in business.
It provides a comprehensive listing of the most important Arab American organizations in the country with thumbnail histories that put the existence of Arabs in America in full perspective. It lists Arabs in the military and includes stories of Arabs in America that give a context to their existence in a way most other books about the community have failed to achieve.
You cannot understand the depth and substance of the Arabs in America without this Almanac and it is essential to any research or future documentation of Arab Americans and their role in American society.
This is an important work of literature. It is mandatory for research on Arab Americans. Every American organization and scholar should have a copy on their shelves in order to add depth to the shallow understanding that many Americans have of the rich culture of the Arab World and people and the contributions of Arabs to America’s greatness.
This is not a dissertation nor a political argument over issues of Middle East conflict, but rather a fair, complete and accurate account of who Arab Americans were, are and will continue to be.

Ray Hanania is an award winning Palestinian American columnist and Chicago radio talk show host.


“I believe you can say to the founders of this great nation, 'Here I am, a youth, a young tree whose roots were plucked from the hills of Lebanon, yet I am deeply rooted here, and I would be fruitful.'”

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