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The Arab American Historical Foundation (AAHF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote research, preservation and dissemination of Arab American history and culture.

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Arab American Almanac series

The most comprehensive reference book on Arab Americans providing instant access to valuable data on history, Who’s Who, businesses and social/cultural organizations within the Arab American community, and Arab contributions to civilization.

Arab American Historian Magazine

A non-political online magazine chronicling historical information and current affairs of the Arab American community.

National Conference

Facilitating national conferences and gala events highlighting preservation of Arab American history and educational initiatives. Establishing lectures, seminars and panel discussions regarding Arab American history and culture.

Documentary Series

Producing regional documentaries on Arab Americans in the arts, business, education, medicine, science and the Arab press in the U.S.

Arts-in-Education Programs

Developing arts-in-education programs that present Arab American performing artists and lecturers in a series of innovative and informative educational experiences with music, dance, poetry, theatrical arts, and film representing the traditional and contemporary Arab cultural expressions

Genealogy Services

Providing a natural progression from chronicling Arab American history to tracking familial genealogy by tracing ancestral Arab roots and documenting the contemporary lineage as Arab Americans.

Your donation will ensure that our history and culture may be preserved and disseminated now and for future generations. Thank you!

If you have any questions about giving to the Arab American Historical Foundation, please call (818) 507-0333 or email arabamericanhistory@yahoo.com.