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Arab American History Books

Condensed from the Arab American Almanac, 6th Edition

An Ancient Heritage, the Arab American Minority – Brent Ashabrammer and Paul Conklin, photos and a penetrating look at the issues affecting Arab-Americans throughout the U.S.; 148pp, Harper Collings Publishers,1991. New York, NY.

Arab American Almanac, 6th Edition – A comprehensive reference book series on Arab Americans in the U.S. The first edition was published in 1974. So far, six editions have been published. Joseph R. Haiek, Publisher-Editor; The News Circle Publishing House: P.O. Box 3684 Glendale, CA 91221, www.arab-american-affairs.net

Arab America Today: A Demographic Profile of Arab-Americans – John Zogby, The Arab-American Institute, Washing-ton, D.C. Arab

American Biography – two volumes, Loretta Hall and Bridget K. Hall, profiles of 75 noteworthy Arab Americans, UXL,1999. Detroit, MI.

Arab American Encyclopedia – by Dr. Anan Ameri and Dawn Ramey, editors, sponsored by the Arab Community Center for Economic Social Services a reference book exploring the history and culture of the diverse groups of Arab Americans, 320 pages, published by UXL/ the Gale Group, 2000. Detroit, MI.

The Arab Americans – by Alixa Naff, detailed history of two generations of Syrian immigrants. Chelsea House Publishers, 1998. New York, NY. The Arab Americans, by Randa Kayyali, chronicles the first wave of Arab immigrants, mostly Christian men from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, as they arrive in America between 1880 and 1925. Published by Greenwood Press, 2005.

The Arab Americans, A History – Gregory Orfalea, 435 pp, Olive Branch Press, 2006. Northampton, MA.

Arab and Muslim Stereotyping in American Popular Culture – Jack Shaheen, Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding:History and International Affairs; 93pp, Georgetown University, 1997. Washington, D.C.

Arab Detroit: From Margin to Mainstream – Nabeel Abraham and Andrew Shryock, editors, detailed portrait of Arab Detroit. Contributors: Saladin Ahmed, Shams Alwujude, Taleb M. Azoz, Hayan Charar, Gary C. David, Jeffrey Ghannam, Sharkey Haddad, Lara Hamza, Sally Howell, Richard R. Jones, Lawrence Joseph, William G. Lockwood, Yvonne R. Lockwood, Alixa Naff, Naomi Shihab Nye, Kevin Rashid, Marilynn Rashid, Anne Rasmussen, Karen Rignall, Amiro Saad, Kim Schopmeyer, Andrew Shyrock, Don Unis, Linda S. Walbridge; 644pp, Wayne State University Press, 2000. Detroit, MI.

Arab Intellectuals and the West – Prof. Hisham Sharabi, Prof. of History, Georgetown University, Washington, DC

The Arab Muslems in the United States – Abdo Elkholy, New Haven: College and University Press, 1966.

Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee 1993 Desk Diary and Calendar of Facts on the Middle East – Donald Neff, ADC Research Institute, 1992. Washington, D.C.

Arab Americans: A Study in Assimilation – E. Hagopian, and A. Paden, Medina University Press, Wilmette, IL, 1969. Papers include: “The New Arab-American Community;” “The Woman’s Role in the Socialization of Syrian Americans in Chicago;” and “Nationalism and Traditional Preservations,” Medina University Press, 1969. Wilmette, IL.

Arabs in America: Myths and Realities – Abu-Laban Baha & Faith T. Zeady, editors. Includes papers on the Western press and on Arabs in America in Social Science textbooks, The Medina University Press Int’l, Wilmette, IL.

Arabs in the Mind of America – Michael W. Suleiman, study on American attitudes toward Arabs, Amana Books,1988. Brattleboro, VT.

Arabs in the New World: Studies on Arab-American Communities
– Sameer Y. Abraham and Nabeel Abraham, editors, case studies in immigration, assimilation, and local studies; Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

Arab World and Arab-Americans: Understanding a Neglected Minority – Dr. Sameer Y. and Dr. Nabeel Abraham, Center for Urban Studies, Wayne State University, 1981. Detroit, MI.

Becoming American: The Early Arab Immigrant Experience – About assimilation of the early Arabic-speaking immigrants to the U.S., Dr. Alixa Naff, Carbondale, IL; 376pp, Southern Illinois University, 1985.

Before and After: U.S. Foreign Policy and the September 11th Crisis – Phyllis Bennis; 256pp, Interlink Publishing.

Before the Flames: A Quest for the History of Arab Americans – by Gregory Orfalea, University of Texas Press, Austin, TX, 355 pages, powerful, personal, live account of over hundred years of comprehensive Arab American history presenting their struggles and achievements in business, politics and the arts, 1988.

Between Arab and White – Race and ethnicity in the Early Syrian American diaspora. By Sarah M. A. Gualtieri, assistant professor at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles. Published by the University of California Press, 296 pages, photos, 2009. A multifaceted study of Syrian immigration to the United States places Syrians— and Arabs more generally—at the center of discussions about race and racial formation from which they have long been marginalized. It focuses on the first wave of Arab immigration and settlement in the United States in the years before World War II, but also continues the story up to the present. Contact: http://www.ucpress.edu/books/pages/11122.php

California’s Arab Americans – by Janice Marchner, a look at the history of Arab Americans in California and their contributions to its development. Published by Coleman Ranch Press, 161 pages, 2003.

Crossing the Waters: Arabic-Speaking Immigrants to the United States Before 1940 – Edited by Eric J. Hooglund. More than 125,000 Arabs immigrated to the United States between 1890 and 1940. They came largely from villages in what is now Lebanon and Syria. Most of them were adherents of traditional Arab Christian denominations such as Maronite and Melkite rites Catholicism and the Greek Orthodox Church, but there were also small numbers of Arab Muslims. They established ethnic communities in industrial cities throughout the country, and like other immigrants, contributed to the evolution of American culture and society. 188 pp, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1987. Washington, D.C.

First Syrian Immigrant to the New World – Philip K. Hitti, Antonius Bishallany, New York, NY, al-Matba’ah al Suriya al Amrikiya, The Syrian American Press, 1916. New York.

The History of Syrian Trade in the American Colonies – Pt. 1, 1920-1921, Salloum Mokarzel, New York, NY, Syrian American Press, 1929.

Journey of a Yemeni Boy – Rashid A. Abdu. This autobiography follows a Yemeni boy as he pursues his dream to become a surgeon in the United States, 556 pp, M.D., Dorrance Publishing Co., 2005. Pittsburgh, PA.

Kahlil Gibran: Man and Poet – Suheil Bushrui and Joe Jenkins, biography of Arab American poet, Oneworld Publications, Oxford, England, 1998.

Kahlil Gibran: His Life and World – Jean and Kahlil Gibran (Cousin); 464pp., New York Graphic Society, Boston, MA, 1981-1991. Gibran Khalil, philosophical essayist, novelist, mystic poet, and artist. Principal Arabic works: A Tear and a Smile (1914), Spirits Rebellious (1920), The Broken Wings (1922), and the poetry collection The Procession (1923). Principal English works: The Madman (1918), The Forerunner (1920), The Prophet (1923), Sand and Foam (1926), Jesus, the Son of Man (1928)

Post Gibran: Anthology of New Arab American Writing – Khaled Mattawa and Munir Akash, West Bethesda, MD, Kitab Inc., Syracuse, NY, dist. by Syracuse University Press, 1999.

Syria and Syrians from the Window of History – Philip K. Hitti, New York, NY, Syrian American Press Year. A Bicentennial Presentation – Our Near Eastern Heritage; Twin Cities: Fall River, New Bedford. Younis, Adele L. Salem, MA, Salem State College, New York, NY, Vanguard Press, 1914.

Taking Root — Bearing Fruit: the Arab-American Experience – published by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Dr. James Zogby, Editor, Washington, D.C., including photographs; 144 pp, 1984.

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“It is to create the useful and beautiful with your own hands, and to admire what others have created in love and with faith.”

Read more from Kahlil Gibran’s article published in the first edition of The Syrian World Magazine, New York, July 1926, addressing “Young Americans of Syrian Origin”